about the film
Logline: At her first audition for a strip club, a young feminist meets three veteran dancers and discovers that she has a lot to learn about what it means to step out on that stage.
Synopsis: A young, beautiful 20-something woman, walks into a local strip club after her plans for moving to a new city prove to be less than profitable. There, she is met with a myriad of personalities including 3 veteran dancers who fail to give her the warm welcome she’d hoped for. After making some rash assumptions about girls and crushing any chance at a good first impression, our protagonist quickly is put in her place. In the end, her name is called and she is left in the dressing room to contemplate the future of her own story.

This film is dedicated to all members of the sex work & erotic labor community who have had their humanity questioned, their safety threatened and who have had assumptions placed on them without their consent ... my queer and trans family of color especially.

i see you.    i hear you.    i support you.
If you would like to support the sex work community, I encourage you to reach out to 
 the sex work advocacy project ( usa) the answers society ( canada ) or the swarm collective ( uk ) for more information.

starring Caroline marshall, Kailaya, valentina echeverri and star amerasu
also featuring Nabilah Nahim, Misheel Erdenetsogt and victor brew
produced by
sunny davis and Chels MOrgan   cinematography by alejandra n. torres - santiago  
Gaffer Shady Malak   wardrobe supervisor britt patterson   production designer india bey
hair stylist uriel ben-levi   makeup artist mckenzie kelly

featuring music by
baer       kailaya      valentina mami       ah-mer-ah-su        enrock       wxlf       a'justice
Copyright - Chelsey Morgan Thomas, 2023
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