about the film
Logline: After her son comes out to her, a mother turns to prayer to process the implications of his sexuality on his future.
... for we are all beautifully and wonderfully made. 
psalm 139:14
Let Them Be loved was honored with an award for Best narrative short at the
bronx social justice matters international film festival in december of 2022

... and was honored as a quarter-finalist in the best short film category at the student world impact film festival
 in June of 2023.
starring Matthew L. Mitchell, Joy Demichelle and McCristol harris III

produced by Chels Morgan and kendra d. lee
cinematography by shady malak    gaffer alejandra n. torres - santiago   intimacy by denise khumalo
executive producers intimacy coordinators of color and fanny l. roberts

This film is dedicated to
my mother who turned to these verses
when i came out to her and who is my biggest support system.

Copyright - Chelsey Morgan Thomas, 2022

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